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CR-096. Nikita Mndoyants, piano

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CR-096. Nikita Mndoyants, piano

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Weight: 120 g

span style=Nikita Mndoyants was born on March 31, 1989 to a family of musicians. In 1995, he entered Moscow Central Music School (class of the Honored Pedagogue of Russia Tamara Koloss). At the same time, his composition gift disclosed itself. Since his second year at school, he began to study composition in the class of professor Tatiana Tchudova.
In 2006, Nikita graduated from Central Music School with honors as a pianist and composer. At the same year, he entered the Composition department of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire; at present, he studies with a famous composer Alexander Tchaikovsky. As a pianist, he takes lessons from his father, a famous musician, professor of the Moscow Conser-vatoire Alexander Mndoyants, who had important impact on Nikita's musical development in previous years.
He was a grant-holder of many international charity funds such as "New names", Vladimir Spivakov Fund, Nikolai Petrov Fund, "Russain Performing Art" fund and others.
During his studies at school, he won several national and international piano and composition competitions.
At the age of 9, he played his first solo recital in Helsinki, in Jan Sibelius Academy Concert Hall. The recital was recorded, and a CD was issued later. After the recital in Helsinki, Nikita toured in many Russian cities and abroad: in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, China, Switzerland, Israel, France, and Ukraine.
Nikita took part in numerous music festivals, including "Musical Kremlin", "Moscow Autumn", First and Second St.Petersburg Piano festivals, 14th piano festival in Liepae (Latvia). In January 2003, he participated in a music festival dedicated to World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Nikita appears in the best concert halls of Moscow and St.Petersburg since the age of 10, playing with Russia's most famous symphony orchestras, such as Svetlanov State Academic Symphony orchestra (conducted by Felix Korobov) and St. Petersburg Philharmony Academic Symphony orchestra conducted by A. Sladkovsky. He played with many eminent contuctors, among them - Eri Klas, Fedor Glus-chenko, Misha Rachlevsky, Murad Annama-medov, Svetlana Bezrodnaya, Valeri Khalilov, Imants Resnis.
In 2004, he appeared with the famous Borodin Quartet, performing Quintet by Dmitri Shostakovich.
Bruno Monsaingeon, a famous French filmmaker and musician, wrote about Nikita: "I heard Nikita's playing in February 2005 in Moscow for the first time. And the next time was in Paris a year later. His artistic gift and virtuosity made a great impression on me. Whatever he played - Bach, Prokofiev or his own works, - the clarity of the musical idea became clear and bright because of his mastery in control of sound. You could feel that it was not just a performer who was playing, but an outstanding musician".
A world famous pianist Bella Davidovich told about Nikita's performance: "His interpretation made a great impression from the very first sounds of Scarlatti sonatas… His delicate touche, a deep sonorous piano, beautiful and powerful forte, the brilliant virtuosity that he had demonstrated in Mephisto-waltz show a great talent of this seventeen-years-old musician".
Tikhon Khrennikov whose Second piano concerto Nikita has played brilliantly many times, referred that "Nikita Mndoyants is a real brilliant among contemporary talented young musicians that I know well. He has a rare combination of creative and performers gifts. His present achievements give us the hope that in the course of time he will become an eminent figure who would represent with honor all our composers and performers culture for the whole world".
After hearing some of Nikita's works, Rodion Schedrin left an autograph on his own scores: "To Nikita Mndoyants, believing in his successful musical future".
His music and his performers art have a special energy that is a feature of really highly gifted personalities. © Classical Records

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