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CR-095. Alexander Mndoyants, piano

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CR-095. Alexander Mndoyants, piano

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Weight: 120 g

Alexander Mndoyants is a thinker by his musical nature; in his art, the romantic emotion and intellectual balance go hand in hand. In his playing, every nuance, every feeling is thought through, and the creative idea of the work is always inspired.

Elena Dolinskaya
Alexander Mndoyants was born in Yerevan. He began his music studies at the Special Music school under Yerevan Conservatoire. In 1960 - 68, he continued at the Moscow Special Music School. Later, he studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in the class of Bella Davidovich (graduated in 1973).
Jakob Flier said about Alexander Mndoyants: "He is an exceptionally gifted mu-sician. His interpretations are very attractive by their deepness and seriousness as well as his skills and mastery on the piano. In his playing, there is nothing that would seem unnatural or forced. He performs monumental forms and piano miniatures equally well. Another feature of his art is his high intellect and perfect taste".
In 1976 - 78 he made his post graduate studies in Moscow Gnessin musical pedagogical institute (Russian Academy of music) under the guidance of professor A. Yokheles.
In 1977, he became a prize winner at the International Van Cliburn Competition in USA. After that, Alexander Mndoyants started his concert activities.
Over the past years he went to all parts of the former USSR with concerts, made his appearances almost in all capital cities of the former Union republics, as well as in Poland, Finland, Japan, France, Brasil, Israel, Taiwan, Portugal and others.
He played with numerous well-known conductors such as F. Mansurov, V. Jordaniya, V. Gergiev and D. Kakhidze. Critics appraised the colorfulness of his interpretations and his bright temperament.
He also played a lot of chamber music, with his partners having been such well-known musicians as D. Sitkovetsky, A. Korsakov, I. Gavrysh, A. Vinnitsky, M. Tol-pygo, A. Kamyshev, V. Yagling, K. Rodin, Tchaikovsky Quartet, Moscow Virtousi Quartet.
He started his pedagogical activities in 1979 at the Central Music School under Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire. Since 1990, he also works at the Conservatoire itself (since 2004 he is a professor). Since 2002, he is also a professor at the Maimonid State Classic Academy.
Among his pupils, there are more than 30 prize winners of different international and national competitions; many of them has become famous concert pianists. Alexander Tchaikovsky wrote about him in the beginning of the 90-s: "Mndoyants is truly one of the best pedagogues in Russia; he really deserves his reputation of a 'perfectionist', and he is perhaps almost unrivalled in his generation of piano pedagogues who might develop the individuality of young talents".
He served as jury member and chairman of jury in various international and national competitions.
He made his TV appearance in different cities of the country. The recordings made by A. Mndoyants at the All-Union Radio have invariably been highly appraised by the Artistic Council and are frequently broadcast.
Various sound recording companies put out discs with the pianist's recordings.

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