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CR-003. Sergei Kuznetzov, piano. Brahms, Liszt, Scriabin.

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CR-003. Sergei Kuznetzov, piano. Brahms, Liszt, Scriabin.

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Sergey Kuznetsov was born in 1978. He began his professional music education in Moscow Special Gnessin School of Music in Valentina Aristovaís class. Upon finishing the school Sergey had studied m Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Mikhail Voskresensky class. Since 2001 he has completed his education at postgraduate courses in Vienna University of Music in Oleg Maisenbergs class.

Sergey Kuznetsov actively concertises with solo recitals concertos and chamber music in Russia, Japan and various European countries. In the concert course he cooperates with prominent artists and orchestras such as Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio and Schostakovich String Quartet

Being a laureate of International piano competitions in Italy and Andorra Sergey Kuznetsov has taken part in International music festivals in the Russia Italy and Japan.

Brahms - Fantasien op.116

These pieces created on the decline ot romanticism and at the end of Brahms life have summed the whole history of Romantic musical miniature Retaining in the meantime the freshness of phrase and truly sincere feeling they have become an embodiment of remembrance lyricism

Complete perfection utmost mental concentration and combination of classical form clarity with romantic freedom of expression all witness the traits inherent in late Brahms style and the concluding importance of the present cycle in Brahms creative work

Liszt - Sonata in ¬ minor

Written in 1853 at the peak of Liszt 's creative work the Sonata in ¬ minor stands apart among his piano heritage It is by right considered the most symphonic of Liszt 's works this telling upon both its scale and image development In construction the Sonata relates to his one movement orchestral works while its philosophical aspects near it lo Liszt 's Faust Symphony Thus it has not by accident become one of the pinnacles of world piano literature the pearl of the repertoire of perhaps all outstanding pianists

Scriabm - Sonata No. 3

One of the frequently heard and best known Scriabinís works his Sonata No 3 m F sharp minor completed in 1897 is a bright sample of Scriabinís use of the sonata symphony cycle as the most complex and flexible one for realizing his creative world It represents the pinnacle of the first period of Scnabinís creative work that was denoted by G. Neuhaus as the time of transformation of a genial ; young man into a giant of world music Combining the utmost degree of passion with highest extent of composer s mastery the Sonata fully reflexes Scriabinís personality genious inspiration emotional tension and spontaneity as well as musical beauty and harmony being immanent to it Its tour movements tightly connected by the common thematic and rhythmic matter embody complete architectural unity culminating in the end with a run from the depth to rejoicing acme averring volitional basis inherent to Scriabin

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