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CR-080. Evgeny Petrov, clarinet

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CR-080. Evgeny Petrov, clarinet

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Weight: 120 g

Evgeni Petrov (clarinet) is one of the brightest representatives of the Russian performing school; his talent and skills were highly appraised by his colleagues, musical critics and the audience from the very beginning of his career.
He is the graduate of Central Music School under the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire; later, he studied at the Moscow Conservatoire (graduated in 1995) in the class of professor Vladimir Sokolov and followed the post graduate course (1997).
He played his first concert at the age of 14. At the same time, he was awarded a diploma at the International Competition “Concertino-Prague” (1986) three years later, he won the First prize in this prestigious contest. In 1990, he became the first Russian clarinetist to win an award at the International Clarinet competition in Geneva (II prize) he also received an international grant from “Award Association”.
“The things that the Moscovite Evgeni Petrov does on the scene seem almost incredible. What beautiful expressiveness, skills, the power of sincerity! The audience was enthusiastic”, a critic from "Klieler Nachrichten" (Germany) wrote about 19-years old performer.
In 1995, his name was included in the Golden Book of Russian talents “XX century to the XXI century”. In 2001, an article about him appeared in the encyclopedia “Musicians of the world” (published by the Big Russian encyclopedia). Since 2001 he is a soloist of the Moscow State Academic Philharmony.
His repertoire includes more than 30 concertos for clarinet and orchestra, works for clarinet solo, chamber music, transcriptions of violin and flute compositions. His artistic appearance is characterized by the wide range of styles; he performs baroque music, classical and romantic masterpieces as well as works by modern composers (among them - Edison Denissov, Boris Tchai-kovsky, Sergei Berinsky and many others). He toured in Russia, France, Germany, Mexico, Bulgaria, USA, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland and other countries. Among his artistic partners were “Moscow Soloists” orchestra headed by Yuri Bashmet, Russian State Symphony orchestra “Young Russia” conducted by Mark Gorenstein, Tokyo Radio orchestra conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev, Moscow Symphony orchestra conducted by Vladimir Ziva, Russian State Academic chamber Vivaldi-Orchestra headed by Svetlana Bezrodnaya, “Kremlin” Chamber orchestra conducted by Misha Rachlevsky, “The Seasons” chamber orchestra conducted by Vladislav Bulakhov.
Evgeni Petrov took part in many prestigious music festivals organized by Vladimir Spivakov (Colmar, France) and Yuri Bashmet (Tour, France). Moscow music-lovers know him not only for his solo recitals in Moscow’s most important concert halls (including Great, Maly and Rachmaninov halls of the Moscow Conservatoire, Tchaikovsky Concert hall, Theater hall of the Moscow International House of Music etc) he also appeared in some famous music forums such as “Sviatoslav Richter December Nights”, the Art festival “Cherry Wood”, Nikolai Petrov’s International Festival “Musical Kremlin”, International Chamber music Festival in Tretyakov Gallery directed by Alexander Rudin.
He played chamber works with such eminent musicians as Tigran Alikhanov, Yuri Bashmet, Vladimir Spivakov, Nikolai Petrov, Valeri Popov, Alexei Liubimov, Naum Shtarkman, Alexander Bonduriansky, Alexander Rudin, Irina Bochkova, Nikolai Lugansky, Victoria Postnikova, Borodin and Shostakovich Quartets.
He issued many CDs in Russia and abroad.
Evgeni Petrov teaches at Moscow Conservatoire and Central Music School under Moscow Conservatoire (Head of the Wood wind department).

Tatiana Tarasevich is a graduate of the Moscow Conservatoire. Her professors were Tatiana Nikolaeva and Lev Naumov. She won diplomas at numerous national and international competitions. She plays concerts in Russia and abroad (in Germany, Great Britain) as a chamber music performer.
She played in the Great, Maly and Rachmaninov halls of the Moscow Conservatoire, in Koln Philharmony Concert Hall in ensemble with young performers and famous musicians such as Vladimir Sokolov, Olga Berezanskaya, Dmitri Pianov. She plays with Evgeni Petrov since 1990.

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