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CR-070. Nikolai Medtner. Songs. Luana Pellegrineschi

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CR-070. Nikolai Medtner. Songs. Luana Pellegrineschi

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"Once upon a time the first song that had sounded in the world left an invisible "living sound" in the human soul, and the sound of this song became an initial point for coordination between all the other sounds. This sound became for us a living symbol of unity and simplicity. As all the complexity, all variety of human songs is contained in it." (N. Medtner)

That very special musical space which songs occupied in Medtner's work was prepared for them primordially - they settled down themselves there deliberately and with some royal simplicity. The singing nature of music, so clearly realized by Medtner, called the primogeniture instrument - Voice; and beside it - a true and sensitive Master-pianist: in variety and complexity of his art is all the musical experience of passed centuries.
This way we see the vocal scores of the Composer and so we can hear from the author's unsurpassed songs recordings, and we do not stop to be astonished by some "simple things".
It's astonishing, this equality and unity of the Voice and the Instrument: the equilibrium of the result, which is accessible only for one who is within "loving contemplation" (N.Medtner).

It's amazing, this constant congeniality of music and poetry - when the music responds to the sense of the word, to the letter and the sound of language, creating in exact resonance the Harmony of the song; when the precious verses, being carefully put in the noble metal setting of musical sounds, are sparkling by their different, imperceptible hitherto facets.
It's astonishing, how the Composer's spirit sprouts through two different cultures -"maternal" and "paternal", Russian and German. So at ease, stepping together with Goethe by "curly path" (O. Mandelstam) Medtner appears at the summit of German musical tradition; and together with Pushkin (it seems as if he holds the poet's hand) - in Russian acropolis.
But the Master of Music is still the same - the same profile in other lighting, the same many-sided genius, the same knight-artist, true to his Muse, in the search of the Simplicity.

Dmitri Klimov

Luana Pellegrinesschi gained her Performer’s Diploma at the Bologna Conservatoire in 1977.
Having studied with Arrigo pola, Leone Magiera, and Ettore Campogalliani, she has developed her aristic career in Italy in Opera and recitals.
She has taken part in Master classes with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Anton Dermota and Zara Dolukhanova and also taken part in concerts with Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Freni and Raina Kabainska.
Since 1977 she is a permanent member of the Bologna Opera House.
Bengiamin Britten’s “Noyes Fludde” was recorded and performed, for the first time in the Italian language, for R.A.I.Italin Television, with Luana Pellegrineschi in the main role.
In 1980 she took part in Opera Barga singing in Donizetti’s “Olivo e Pasquale” of which a recording has been made.
In june 1991 she sang as soloist in G.Rossini’s “Petite Messe Solennelle” at the Bologna Opera House.
Since 1992 she performs in Duo with Moscovite pianist Dmitri Klimov, having given recitals in Scotland, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in Holland, Russia and Italy.
As part of the Dutch Ensemble “Five Amsterdam Afternoons” she has performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and at the Foreburg Festival Holland.
She made many recording for R.A.I. (Italian Television) and Radio Moscow.
In 2005, she has recorded “Twilight” - two songs by Andrei Golovin on verses by Baratynsky, accompanied by the composer.

Dmitri Klimov is a graduate of P. Messner’s piano class of Moscow Conservatoire. Since 1980 he has been a soloist of Moscow Concert Philharmonic Society. He not only gives solo recitals but also performs with symphony and chamber orchestras, as well as in chamber ensembles with many well-known musicians in different cities of Russia, former USSR countries and abroad.
Dmitri Klimov is a member of the International Scriabin Foundation and the International Association of Piano Duos.
His concerts have been recorded for the Russian Radio and TV, and for foreign radio stations such as the BBC, Radio West etc. In 1996 the Dutch label Ottavo Recor-dings launched a CD of music by Medtner and Scriabin performed by him.
He also made several CDs with DAR-trio. Togeher with his collegues, Alexander Kalashkov (violin) and Rustam Komachkov (cello) Dmitri Klimov recorded trios by Schubert (Bohemia, 2000), Shostakovich and Sviridov and a CD of chamber miniatures called “Kaleidosope” (Classical records, 2002, 2005)

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