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CR-069. String concertos performed by Alexander Trostiansky and Mikhail Utkin

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CR-069. String concertos performed by Alexander Trostiansky and Mikhail Utkin

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Valery Tarakanov was born in 1934. He studied at the Moscow State University Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty (graduated with distinction in 1956). He followed the postgraduate course at the Mathematics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1961, Valery Tarakanov works in the same Institute; at present, he is one of the leading scientists at the Institute, doctor of mathematics, the author of several monographs and more than 150 scientific works.
Mr. Tarakanov's musical talent led him to study music at the Ippolitov-Ivanov Musical College. Later on, he improved his skills, taking lessons from famous composers Andrei Volkonsky, Eduard Khagagortyan and Edisson Denissov.
The name of Valery Tarakanov is well known in the musical world. His compositions – the opera "Antony and Cleopatra", Vespers, Liturgy, violin and cello concertos, vocal cycles, romances and works for choir - are performed in the important concert halls of Moscow and other Russian cities. Many popular radio stations include them in their programs. Among the performers – most eminent Russian musicians, orchestras, choirs.
Since 1995 Valery Tarakanov is a member of the Composer's Union of Russia; he participates in its musical and social activities.
The music of this exceptionally talented composer, bright and sincere, expressive and highly intellectual, cannot leave the listener indifferent; his works have become widely known among those who love the musical art.

Concerto-baroque for violin and string orchestra
In this work, the composer develops many structural and instrumental methods and ideas that were typical for music of the first half of the XVIII century - the music of baroque epoch, but he transfers them, bringing the form of the past onto the field of modern art.
The Concerto can be heard rather frequently on the concert stages; for instance, it was performed on the "Russian music Panorama" Festival that was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Composer's Union of Russia (2000). A number of famous musicians have included this work into their repertoire.

The Seasons.
An orchestra version of the earlier chamber work. It was first performed on November 12, 2004 by Mikhail Utkin and Chamber orchestra conducted by A.Istomin. A traditional theme – human reaction to the periods of the year's circle that follow each other. Four pieces of the suite embody the four seasons.
The spring. The ebullient young forces of the Nature arise after the long winter's sleep, sweeping off all the obstacles in their way. The picture of spring is embodied in the energetic and impetuous music of this piece, full of contrasts of musical themes.
The summer. A nocturne that depicts a poetic night scene. Now, when the nature is rich and abundant, in the deep of the night a love scene takes place. Passionate words of confession, declarations of love, tender whisper of the two lovers are heard.
The autumn. An intermezzo. The music of this movement is full of sadness and melancholy. These are the moments of extinction, the Nature's farewell: the Nature, in its beautiful attire, is about to fall asleep.
The winter. The continuos motion of this movement depicts a picture of a snow-fall, followed by a real snow and wind storm.

Mikhail Utkin was born 1952 in Vilnius (Lithuania). Since 1959 he studied at the Central Musical School at the Moscow State Conservatory in the class of professor Stefan Kalianov.
In 1970-75, studied at the Moscow Conservatory with Mstislav Rostropovich and later with Stefan Kalianov. Since 1975, followed the post-graduate course in the same class. Winner of the International Competition of the Prague Radio "Concertino-Praha" (1967). Prize-winner of the International String Quartet Competition in Liege (1972). Since 1974, Mr.Utkin has been a member of a well-known ensemble "Moscow Piano Trio". Together with his colleagues - violinist Vladimir Ivanov and pianist Alexander Bonduriansky - he won the First Prize in Budapest (1975) and Maurice Ravel Gold Medal at the international festival "Musical May" in Bordeaux (France, 1976).
Mr. Utkin's concert activity is extensive and diverse. He appears as a soloist and with orchestras; his interpretation of the 2nd Concerto by Shostakovich with Gewandhaus-Orchestra under Kurt Masur (1979) was highly appraised by the press. He plays with "Moscow Trio" and other musicians. Numerous concerts, radio recordings, performances at major European Festivals brought to Mikhail Utkin a standing reputation of top-class performer.
Mr. Utkin was always attracted by contemporary music, he was the first performer of many modern compositions. Later, his creative partnership with famous composers Alexander Tchai-kovsky and Karen Khatchaturian proved to be very fruitful.
In 1978, he was invited by the Moscow State Conservatory to lead a cello-class. He worked at the Conservatory for ten years. Even after he left the post due to his extensive concert tours, he continues to give master classes in Germany (Leon-berg, Schwaebisch Hall, Waiblingen, Kirchheim), Switzerland (St.Gallen), Finland (Kuopio), USA (Hammond, San Marcos, Baton Rouge).
Mr. Utkin's activities were highly appraised. Among other important awards, he received an honorary title of "People's artist of Russia" , the most prestigious title for artists in Russia.

Alexander Trostiansky was born in 1972 to a family of musicians. He began his musical education in Novosibirsk, where his teachers were B. Trostyansky, M. Liberman. Later, he continued his studies at the Moscow State Conservatory in the class of Professor Irina Bochkova. He is a prize-winner of the many international competitions including Premio Paganini (Genoa, Italy, 1990) Centre d'Arts (Orford, Canada, 1996, 1st prize) F.Schubert and 20th Century Music (Graz, Austria, 1997, 3rd prize) Tchaikovsky Competition (Moscow, 1998, 5th prize)
Mr. Trostiansky participated in "Moscow Autumn", "Musik im Michel", "December Evenings by S.Richter", "Oleg Kagan Musikfest" (Kreuth) and other festivals. He recorded with Melodia, Chandos, Dowani, Egan Records, Naxos labels, made recordings for Radio-1-Russia and Orpheus-Radio. He is the soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. He performed in Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, U.S.A., France as well as all over Russia. He appeared in Great Halls of the Moscow Conservatory and St.Petersburg Phil-harmonic, Concerten Congresgebouw de Doe-len, Jurriaanse Zaal (Rotterdam, Holland), Linbury Studio Theatre, Covent Garden (London), Goe-theanum (Dornach, Switzerland), Kravis Perfor-ming Arts Center (West Palm Beach), Schoenberg Hall (Los Angeles), Herbst Theatre (San-Fran-cisco), Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall (New York).
Mr. Trostiansky was the member of "Romantic-Trio" at the Moscow Philharmonic Society in 1997-99. He also played with such musicians as Alexei Lubimov, Alexander Rudin, Natalia Gutman, Alexander Melnikov, Natalia Trull, Denis Shapovalov.
Since 1999 he serves as the professor of violin at the Moscow State Conservatory.
Since 2002 he also teaches at the Department of the Performing on Ancient Instruments at the Moscow Conservatory. Since 2005 he is the Guest-Professor at the Kirov Regional College of Arts. He also teaches master classes in the United Kingdom, France, South Korea, Kazakhstan and over Russia.

Vladislav Bulakhov graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music as a violinist in 1984. In 1983, he joined the re-established New Moscow Chamber Orchestra headed by Igor Zhukov. Bulakhov's ten years of experience in this orchestra, added to the intensive study with his father, a professional conductor, formed the foundation for the creation of The Seasons Orchestra.
Mr. Bulakhov's artistic manner is characterized by convincing, precise and rhythmically clear gestures, a natural temperament and the ability to bring out each individual voice in the musical score. His intimate knowledge of string instruments enables him to achieve an extraordinary variety of orchestral tone colors with expressive articulation and a seemingly endless range of dynamic gradations. The conductor's careful consideration of the composer's score and his attention to details are displayed in unity with the confident perception of the architectonics of the musical work in the whole.
Vladislav Bulakhov, conductor of The Seasons Orchestra, is capable of interpreting works of various musical eras and styles with equal skill. He possesses the ability to learn new compositions quickly and proficiently, has a talent for management and the capacity to work hard, all of which promise an interesting and creative future for this musician.

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