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CR-068. Rustem Kudoyarov. Gubaidullina, Chopin, Liszt, Dubugnon

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CR-068. Rustem Kudoyarov. Gubaidullina, Chopin, Liszt, Dubugnon

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Weight: 120 g

A perfect sense of style and supreme virtuosity than might enchant any listener…a brilliant delicate filigree of passages and thrilling cascades of accords and octaves that took your breath away… Everything was directed to solving the problems of high artistic aims.
“Simbirsk Courie

He has an extraordinary pianistic talent. Due to his eminent touch he is able to control the sound of the piano so precisely that the structures of the movements are luminously clear and he phrases his melodic lines in complete control with discrete shades of dynamic effects in a sober and vivid performance, never presumptuous, always in accordance with the original structure of the music.
"Nordjyske Tidende"

Rustem Kudoyarov graduated from the Kazan State Conservatoire in 1993 (class of Natalia Fomina) and completed his postgraduate degree at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire under reknowned Nikolai Petrov.
He is a prize-winner of the International Piano Competition "Jose Iturbi" in Valencia, Spain (1996) and the International Piano Competition "Konzerteum" in Greece (1996). He has also won the All-Russia piano competition named after Vassili Safonov (1997).
Rustem Kudoyarov has played recitals in numerous cities of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Greece, South-African Republic, Great Britain, Norway and Denmark.
He has performed piano concertos with the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Belgorod Philharmonic Orch-estra, the Chamber Orchestra “Primavera”, the Symphony Orchestra of Valencia, the Kharkov Philharmonic orchestra, Chamber orchestra of Smolensk, Symphony orchestra of Kostroma, State chamber orchestra of Chuv-ashiya, “Moscow Camerata”, Kareliya Philharmonic, Yaroslavl academic symphony orchestra, Vyatka municipal symphony orchestra and others.
He has also taken part in international music festivals: "Pianoforum" in Kazan, Europe-Asia 2004, "Schostakovich-tage" in Berlin, "Music of friends" in Moscow and Trondheim chamber music festival (Norway).
Rustem Kudoyarov's broadcasts have been recorded by the Russian Radio and TV corporations and the Moscow State Conservatoire.
He has vast solo piano, concerto and chamber repertoire ranging from Scarlatti and Bach to modern composers such as Ligeti and Gubaidulina. He regularly appears on concert stage as participant of various chamber music ensembles.
Currently he is a principal soloist on the roster of the Moscow Concert-Philharmonic Union.
Since September 2001 Rustem Kudoyarov has been teaching piano at the Moscow State Conservatoire. He also teaches at the Summer master-courses in Surrey, England and gives master-classes internationally.

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