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CR-063. Dmitri Kabalevsky. Preludes, Sonata no.3. Vasily Shcherbakov

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CR-063. Dmitri Kabalevsky. Preludes, Sonata no.3. Vasily Shcherbakov

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Vasily Shcherbakov is a musician of a great creative potential. Each program that he presents to the public becomes a significant artistic event. The same can just as truly be said about the program made up of the piano works of Dmitry Kabalevsky in a brilliant rendition of Vasily Shcherbakov.

Elena R. Richter
Honorary Artist of Russia
Professor of the Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory

A remarkable pianist, an original composer, a talented educator. All that and more is Vasily Shcherbakov, the grand-nephew of Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky, kindred with whom is manifested not only in exterior resemblance but also in the kind of sublime culture that is being passed from generation to generation throughout the centuries. It is precisely this feature that predetermines invariable success which accompanies Vasily Shcherbakov in all his creative efforts.

Eduard Abdullin, PhD
Professor and Chairman of Methodology and Techniques in Music Teaching at the Moscow State pedagogics University

Vasily Shcherbakov is a remarkable partner - subtle, flexible, instantly reacting to any musical cue, to any motion of soul. At the same time, he is a man of amazing nobility and continence in expressing emotions that mark persons of sublime culture. Intercommunication with Vasily Shcherbakov - a composer, pianist, and educator - always brings about a powerful creative impetus.

Alexander Korchagin
Award-winning cellist, Member of the Shostakovich Quartet, Professor of the Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory

Any true artist, the one who combines in his creative work the Yesterday with the Today and the Tomorrow, that is to say, genetic memory and national cultural traditions with their actualization in the contemporary artistic world and with a prophetic ability to permeate through Space and Time into the future, any such artist is marked with a unique vision of the surrounding world and with a supreme prowess. Vasily Shcherbakov is just such an artist - a talented pianist who preserves and cultivates the traditions of the Moscow Conservatory whose alumnus he is, an original composer, and a thoughtful educator.
Works of Dmitri Kabalevsky occupy a special place in the musician's concert repertoire. The reason for that, says Vasily Shcherbakov, is his undying urge to communicate with this man whom he has passionately loved since his childhood, as well as his conscious duty to his native culture whose development has been bound up with this significant composer, thinker, enlightener and public figure. It is no coincidence that this recording includes the 24 Preludes and the Piano Sonata No. 3, all of which account to a significant contribution into the 20th century's musical culture.
Vasily Shcherbakov's interpretation of Dmitri Kabalevsky's works is marked with such profundity of comprehension, such a fresh perception of the composer's music that they can only be explained by a unity of kindred spirits which is only possible between significant artists who are able to pervade through the veil of commonness and humdrum into a world of the sublime values of being - Beauty, Love, Fidelity, and Honor.

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