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CR-055. Recitals of Oleg Boshniakovich

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CR-055. Recitals of Oleg Boshniakovich

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"Human thoughts and feelings should flow spontaneously from the soul, like water from a spring", Konstantin Igumnov used to say. "The performance must be sincere and find its way to people's hearts." These words of the great Russian pianist and pedagogue describe perfectly the interpretations of his pupil, Oleg Boshniakovich.
A critic once wrote: "The style of the pupil (Oleg Boshniakovich) like the style of his teacher can be described by two words: sincerity and simplicity". His performances are poetic and emotional, artistic til the roots of his hair, another teacher of Boshniakovich, the great pianist Henry Neighaus wrote.

OLEG BOSHNIAKOVICH was born in the old Russian city of Murom on May 9th, 1920. He took his first music lessons from his aunt, Anna Klevtzova, who was a well-known pedagogue in Murom. Her musical "eve-nings" where she herself and her pupils performed piano music as well as symphonic and opera works (sometimes adapted for four or eight hands) had important impact on young musician's artistic development.
In 1934, Oleg Boshniakovich entered the Central Music School under Moscow Con-servatoire (class of Tamara Bobovich). Later, he continued his education at the Conserva-toire under the guidance of Professor Kon-stantin Igumnov. He graduated from the Con-servatoire in 1949 (somewhat later than ex-pected because of the Second World War). After the Conservatoire Mr. Boshniakovich followed the postgraduate course in the class of Professor Henry Neighaus, with whom he maintained a close creative cooperation until his death in 1964.
After finishing the postgraduate course in 1954 Oleg Boshniakovich starts his concert career. One of the important events of this period was his acquaintance with Vladimir Sofronitsky.
Oleg Boshniakovich is professor of the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music. Among his pupils there are quite a lot of interesting musicians: B.Saposhnikov, A.Chernishev, P. Krishtop, O.Smoliarov, L.Baslavskaya, A. Mamasakhlisi, E.Siomin, V.Boev, B.Spassky, O.Babenisheva.
Mr. Boshniakovich gave recitals in the Great Hall and Maly Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, other prestigious concert halls; he made a lot of records for vinyl and compact discs. Apart from solo recitals where he performed works of classical and romantic repertoire, impressionistic works, works by Spanish and Russian composers, Oleg Boshniakovich also ap-peared in ensemble with Nadezhda Obu-khova, Zara Dolukhanova, Dmitry Khvoros-tovsky.
Oleg Boshniakovich toures a lot in Russia and other countries. He is a bright representative of the Russian piano school. His beautiful touche reminds a sound of the human voice; every musical phrase is not just played, but "pronounced", sang on the piano. Mr. Boshniakovich's gift to sing on the instrument, expressive declamation in piano performing was always highly appraised by music critics both in Russia and abroad.
In the beginning of Oleg Boshniakovich's career his teacher Konstantin Igumnov wrote about him: "Boshniakovich is a true narrator at the piano, you can always feel the liveliness of human voice, musical declamation in his playing Technical qualities never overshadow the Music; the touching closeness to it is one of the main secrets of his art"

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