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CR-052. Valentina Igoshina. Chopin, Mussorgsky

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CR-052. Valentina Igoshina. Chopin, Mussorgsky

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Valentina Igoshina is a brilliant young Russian pianist. She is famous for her profound interpretations of Chopin's music. In 2001, an eminent English producer Tony Palmer invited her to participate in his film "The Strange Case of Delphina Potocka - the Mystery of Chopin", where she recorded some of Chopin's compositions and featured as one of the stars in the film, performing one of the leading roles. Before that, she recorded Rachmaninov's works for Palmer's documentary film, "The Harvest of Sorrow", dedicated to the great Russian composer.
Valentina Igoshina was born in the city of Briansk to a family of musicians. She studied music at the Central Music School under the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in the class of Larissa Dedova. In 1996, she entered the Conservatoire where she continued her education with her teacher and later in the class of professor Sergei Dorensky. In 2001, she started her postgraduate course at the Conser-vatoire and became a soloist of the Moscow Philharmony.
Valentina Igoshina is a prizewinner in the Rubinstein International piano competition (1993, 1st prize) and Rachmaninov International piano competition in Moscow (1997, 1st prize and special award). In 2002, she was awarded the Second Prize in A. Barili International piano competition in Atlanta, USA and First Prize in Inter-national piano competition in Gorizia, Italy. In 2003, Valentina Igoshina was a finalist in the famous Queen Elisa-beth International piano Competition in Brussels, Belgium. Miss Igoshina toured in Poland, Hungary, Yugo-slavia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Japan, Australia. She participated in numerous music festivals, among them - Ohrid Summer, Dushniki Zdori, Bath Festival, Ravello Music Festival, Cho-pin and George Sand Festival in France, Rachmaninov Festival in Lon-don. In 2002, she appeared in Queen Elisabeth Hall in London for the first time in "Harrods International Piano Series". In 2003 Miss Igoshina took part in Chopin Festival in Marianske Lazne, Czechia. In 2004, she participated in Radio France Festival in Montpellier.
Miss Igoshina played with London Philharmonic, Scottish BBC Symphony Orchestra, Melburn Symphony Or-chestra, Sofia Symphony Orchestra. She has close creative partnership with conductors A.Vedernikov, A. Titov, A.Witt (Poland), M. Stenz (Australia). She tours a lot in Russian cities, gives master classes. Her repertoire includes concertos by Mozart, Beethoven, Cho-pin, Grieg, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, solo compositions by Schumann, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Mussorgsky. Valentina recorded works by Rachma-ninov and Chopin for a CD which was released in the Excellence series in 2001. Her performances were broadcasted by BBC-Radio 3, Classical FM, Scottish BBC.

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