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CR-027. Feodor Stroganov, organ. Bach, Buxtehude...

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CR-027. Feodor Stroganov, organ. Bach, Buxtehude...

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Weight: 120 g

Mr. Stroganov's interpretations are always highly intellectual, there is always an excellent balance between his sense of harmony and proportion of the whole and his love to contrasting details. He feels beautifully the style of the work, his playing is emotional and bright.
Alexey Liubimov

Feodor Stroganov is an exceptionally gifted musician, a real master of his profession.
Michel Shapuis

Feodor Stroganov, one of the most interesting young Russian organists and composers, was born in Moscow in 1968. In 1984-88 he was the student of the musical college under the Moscow Conservatoire in the classes of theory of music, composition and organ.
In 1988, Feodor Stroganov entered the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire as a composer in the class of professor Albert Leman. He also continued his studies as an organist. In 1992 - 1993 he worked on probation at the Paris National Conservatoire as organist and composer under the guidance of Michel Shapuis and Olivier Latry.
In 1993 Feodor Stroganov graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire and started a post-graduate course at the department of composition (under professor Leman) later, in 1995, he became a postgraduate as an organist under the guidance of professor Natalia Gureeva.
Feodor started his career of a soloist when he was still a student. He took part in many concerts, playing works of baroque and romantic music as well as his own compositions. He participated in many famous festivals like "Moscow autumn", "Musicarte", Haydn Festival in Esterhaz, Mozart Festival in Wurzburg, Viret Strings in San Francisco and others. Feodor Stroganov was awarded a diploma at the International Mikhael Tariverdiev Organ Contest (2001), the Moscow Composition Contest (2002) and became a prize-winner of the International Organ Competition in Volgograd (2002).
Feodor Stroganov gives concerts in Moscow's most important and prestigious concert halls, tours extensively in Russia and abroad.

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