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CR-020. Brahms, Schumann. Valeri Gorokholinsky, Marina Gorokholinskaya

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CR-020. Brahms, Schumann. Valeri Gorokholinsky, Marina Gorokholinskaya

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Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) after having finished String Quartet op.lll in 1891, has declared his final decision to end with his work as a composer. However, everything has changed after the acquaintance with Richard Muhlfeld (1856-1907), the clarinetist in the service at Duke of Meiningen. Muhlfeld was an extremely gifted and musical person. A violinist in the orchestra of Duke, he also learned to play the clarinet. Muhlfeld has played for Brahms several solo pieces for clarinet when Brahms was visiting Meiningen. Both the performance of Muhlfeld and the beautiful sound of the instrument have astonished Brahms. As a result, Brahms was inspired to writing four truly grand chamber music pieces for clarinet: Trio for clarinet, cello and piano op. 114, Quintet for clarinet and string quartet op. 115, and two clarinet sonatas op. 120. Muhlfeld has shown Brahms all technical opportunities and possibilities of the clarinet, but the composer was interested only in those qualities which corresponded to his mood. Music in the sonatas is filled with grief and boundless tenderness. Even the fast movements are sustained in lyrically-pastoral mood. First performance of the sonatas was in January 1895 in Vienna. Soon, after the premiere, Brahms and Muhlfeld went on a two-month tour across Germany and Austria where the music had a tremendous success.

Robert Schumann (1810-1856). His Phanta-siestucke op. 73 for clarinet and piano were originally called Morceaux de Soiree (Evening Music Pieces). The title shows their initial intention, which was to be played at music evening meetings which were common in social life those days. On November 13th, 1894 Clara Schumann has

arranged a musical evening dedicated to the friendship of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms; Phantasiestucke, performed by Clara Schumann and Muhlfeld was included in the program, as well as two clarinet sonatas by Brahms, performed by Brahms and Muhlfeld.

Valery Gorokholinsky (clarinet) was born in 1960 in Krivoy Rog (Ukraine). The winner of the first prize of All-Union competition of the wood wind players (Odessa, 1983). Educated at Central Music School of Moscow he has graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in 1983. Since 1980 he has worked as a soloist of the State Symphony Orchestra of the Central Television and All-Union Radio under Maxim Shostakovich, State Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of culture USSR under Gennady Rozhdestvensky and Russian National Symphony orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev. As the soloist he performed with leading symphony orchestras of Moscow, and also with the Viennese chamber orchestra "Symphonietta". Now he performs as a soloist and a chamber player.

Marina Gorokholinsky (piano). Educated at Central Music School of Moscow she has graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in 1984. All this time she has studied with famous pianist and professor Victor Merzhanov. Now she performs as a chamber player and solo pianist. "Marina Gorokholinsky is a bright representative of Russian piano school. Her concert performances are always exceptional in artistic way and never leave the audience emotionally untouched. She possesses a smooth beautiful sound and deep sensitivity, which allows her to show in her performances all the uniqueness of the pieces of the composers of different styles." (Victor Merzhanov).

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