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CR-019. Cello concertos. Mikhail Utkin

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CR-019. Cello concertos. Mikhail Utkin

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Georg Philip Telemann (16811767) German composer, master of the chapel, theorist and musical-public figure. During 17011704 lived in Leipzig, where founded the Collegium Musicum, wrote operas and worked as an organist. He also worked in Eisenach and Frankfurt, and since 1721 lived in Hamburg, where was the director of the five main churches, promoted the opening of the first special concert hall in Germany and founded the first German musical magazine. The European glory of Telemann began after his trip to Paris (1737), where his works became a large success, were performed and published. Telemann is author of numerous operas, oratorios, concertos, chamber musical works, and theoretical researches.

Georg Christoph Wagenseil (17151777) Austrian composer, organist and music teacher. Imperial musician in Vienna, one of the predecessors of the Viennese classical school. He made a contribution to the elaboration of the Sonata form. Among his compositions operas, oratorios, cantatas, mass, requiem, symphonies, concertos, and chamber music works. In spring 1953 the Viennese City Library had the occasion to purchase the scores of two unknown cello concertos by G.Ch. Wagenseil, which turned up at a Viennese auction. The first performance of the A Major Concerto for cello and string orchestra (by Enrico Mainardi, June 7, 1956) was organized by the Viennese Society of the Friends of Music within the International Mozart Festival. Critics called it "a work of extraordinary musical power and expressiveness", and "a masterpiece which will enrich very limited cello repertoire". The work was written in 1752, ten years before the well-known meeting between Wagenseil and the young Mozart at the court of Maria Theresia, and is a very fine example for the efficiency of the Viennese pre-classical style.

Valery Tarakanov (born 1934) Moscow composer. Among his compositions the operas "Antony and Cleopatra" after a tragedy by Shakespeare, and "Two" after a drama by Gibson "Two for the Seesaw", large spiritual cycles "Vespers" and "St. John Chrysostom's Liturgy" based on the texts of the Russian orthodox Mass, "Songs of an Ascension" on the texts of the Bible Psalms, Baroque-concerto for violin and orchestra, concerto for violoncello and string orchestra, numerous chamber music, vocal and choral works. Well-known musicians perform music by Valery Tarakanov on concert stages and in the radio musical programs.
Concert for violoncello and string orchestra was written in 1999 and dedicated to the People's Artist of Russia Mikhail Utkin, who has performed it for the first time in Moscow with chamber orchestra "The Seasons" under Bulakhov (May 10, 2000). The musical content of this three-partial work is connected to a certain programmatic idea. So, in middle of the second movement sounds, at first in an orchestra and then in the soloist's part, a Christian prayer "Pater Noster". In a violoncello part, the lyrical themes are combined with original virtuosity, especially shown in a large Cadenza and in the dynamical prompt Finale movement.

Mikhail Utkin (Violoncello). 1952 was born in Vilnius (Lithuania). 1959 first music lessons at the Central Music School, Moscow. 1967 First Prize, International Youth Competition of the Prague Radio. 1970 student of the Moscow State Conservatory, cello class of Mstislav Rostropovich. 1972 Second Prize at the International String Quartet Competition, Liege, Belgium. Solo concertizing in major cities of Russia and abroad. 1974 admitted as soloist of Moscow Concerting Organization. 1975 graduates from the Moscow State Conservatory (DegreeDiploma with Honors) and admitted in the post-graduate course, cello class of Kalianov. 1978 solo concertizing in Germany. Concerto No. 2 by Shostakovich with Gewandhaus-Orchestra under Kurt Masur. 1986 honorable title "Honored Artist of the Russia". 1990 admitted as soloist of the Moscow State Philharmony. 1994 honorable title "People's Artist of the Russia". 1996 Award of the Moscow Government.

The Seasons Chamber Orchestra (Moscow) is one of the brightest orchestras among those which have appeared in Moscow recently. It was organized by the young and talented musician Vladislav Bulakhov in March 1994. Today 20 musicians having high musical education represent "The Seasons" Orchestra. Their average age is about thirty. Since 1999 "The Seasons" Orchestra has had the status of a state orchestra. Since 1998 the firm "Gorodissky & Partners", law, patent and trademark attorneys, has sponsored the orchestra. The repertoire of this musical group is very rich ranging from Baroque masters up to modern composers. The Orchestra has participated in the following festivals: "Russian Winter", "Russia's Talents", First International Festival of Classical Guitar, and others. The Orchestra has performed concert tours to Germany, Taiwan, China, Scotland, Italy. In 2002 the orchestra organized the International Music Festival called "The Seasons", that will be held in Moscow and St.Petersburg every year. "The seasons of the year are a very complex notion both for human life and music, Mr. Bulakhov supposes. On the one hand, the implication of this word involves varied impressions, themes and images, on the other hand, the universality of their realization, never ceasing innovation in eternity, stability of vital circles, dynamism of present-day life philosophy and the granites of musical classical traditions. To find harmony in uniting these contradicting natures is our creative Credo."
Vladislav Bulakhov graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music as a violinist in 1984. In 1983, he joined the re-established New Moscow Chamber Orchestra headed by Igor Zhukov. Bulakhov's ten years of experience in this orchestra, added to the intensive study with his father, a professional conductor, formed the foundation for the creation of the Seasons Orchestra. Mr. Bulakhov's artistic manner is characterized by convincing, precise and rhythmically clear gestures, a natural temperament and the ability to bring out each individual voice in the musical score. His intimate knowledge of stringed instruments enables him to achieve an extraordinary variety of orchestral tone colors with expressive articulation and a seemingly endless range of dynamic gradations. The conductor's careful consideration of the composer's score and his attention to details are displayed in unity with the confident perception of the architectonics of the musical whole. Vladislav Bulakhov, conductor of the Seasons Orchestra, is capable of interpreting works of various musical eras and styles with equal skill. He possesses the ability to learn new compositions quickly and proficiently, has a talent for management and the capacity to work hard, all of which promise an interesting and creative future for this musician.

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