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CR-147. Daniil Tsvetkov. Brahms, Liszt

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CR-147. Daniil Tsvetkov. Brahms, Liszt

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Daniil Tsvetkov was born in 1984. Graduated from Central Musical school in 2003 and Moscow conservatory in 2009, studying with a famous Russian pianist, professor Natalia Trull. His extraordinary wide repertoire includes works of different styles and epochs; special place belongs to romantic music (Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Liszt) and pieces of great virtuosity. Virtuoso pieces (such as Reminiscences de Don Juan by Liszt and Stravinskys Three Movements from Petrushka) bring Daniil invariable success in the public. He is a prize winner of: - 34th international piano competition in Belgrade (III prize, 2004, Serbia) - 3rd International piano competition in Tbilisi (Grand Prix, 2 special prizes, 2005, Georgia) - Geza Anda International piano competition (Schumann prize, 2006, Switzerland) - Almaty International piano competition (I prize, 2006, Kazakhstan) - Porto International piano competition (I prize, special prize, 2007, Portugal) - Spanish Composers International piano competition (I prize, special prize for best performance of Spanish music, 2007, Madrid - Las Rozas, Spain) - Animato Prix International piano competition (II prize, audience prize, 2008, Paris, France) - Louisiana International piano competition (I prize, 2009, Alexandria, Louisiana, USA) - Ferrol piano competition (II prize, 2009, and I prize, 2010, Ferrol, Spain) - Lleida International piano competition (I prize, 2010, Lleida, Spain) - "Parnassos" piano competition (III prize, 2010, Monterrey, Mexico) - "Franz Liszt" piano competition in Grottammare (II prize, 2010, Grottammare, Italy). Daniil performs recitals in Russia and world wide. He played in such prestigious concert halls as Great, Maly and Rachmaninov halls of the Moscow Conservatory, Great Hall of Kiev Philharmonic (Ukraine), Great Hall of Tbilisi Conservatory, Great Hall of Tbilisi Philharmonic (Georgia), AOI Hall (Shizuoka, Japan), Salle Alfred Cortot (Paris, France), different concert halls of Spain, Switzerland, and Marocco. He played with Tchaikovsky Great Symphonic Orchestra, "New Russia" orchestra (Russia), Tbilisi Philharmonic orchestra (Georgia), Belgrade Philharmonic orchestra (Serbia), Porto Philharmonic orchestra (Portugal), Romanian Symphonic orchestra (Spain), Marocco Philharmonic orchestra (Marocco). Worked with such conductors as Vladimir Ziva, Evgeny Bushkov, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Stuard Stradford, Ovidiu Balan, Bojan Sudjich. He takes part in music festivals and recitals dedicated to chamber music. His chamber repertoire includes piano trios by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Rach-maninov, Shostakovich, as well as Quatuor pour la fin du temps by Messiaen; violin, cello and clarinet sonatas, vocal cycles by Schubert, Wolf, Prokofiev etc. He played with famous young Russian musicians - Nikolay Sachenko, Valentin Uryupin, Alena Baeva, Evgeny Rumyantsev, Ilya Gaisin

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