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CR-146. Yuri Bogdanov plays Chopin (2 CD)

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CR-146. Yuri Bogdanov plays Chopin (2 CD)

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Yuri Bogdanov - this name is widely known in Russia and abroad. A brilliant pianist, a gifted composer, a tireless activist in the field of music - the organizer of various competitions, festivals, master classes and so on. Yuri Bogdanov's performing talent received official recognition in many prestigious international competitions: Bach in Leipzig (1992), Schubert in Dortmund (1993), Mendelssohn in Hamburg (1994), "Grand Prix Franz Schubert" in Vienna (1995), Esther Honens in Calgary (1996), Seiler in Kitzingen (2001), where the pianist was awarded as laureate; after that he started dynamical concert activity. Yuri recorded several solo discs with music by Schubert, Liszt, Scriabin (2 CDs) and Bach (2 CDs). Disc with the works by Schubert was awarded as "The Best Recording of Schubert in the World for 1996" by the Franz Schubert Institute in Vienna. Yuri's creative composers talent is mainly presented in vocal music, continuing the tradition of "urban romance" genre of the end XIX - the first half of XX century. And it is worth saying that this part of music art has already found the circle of admirers and its own audience. The musician also finds time for teaching activities (Yuri Bogdanov is currently an associate professor of the Moscow Gnessins' Academy of Music). For the numerous musical merits the pianist was awarded in 2006 a title of the "Honored Artist of Russia". As a performer Yuri is extremely gifted: his sensitivity to sound, remarkable virtuoso opportunities, irrepressible imagination and reach fantasy make his interpretations extraordinarily interesting and attractive. Yuri Bogdanov dedicated this double-disc to the works of Frederic Chopin, for whose music he feels love and addiction from the very childhood. Even in the years of study in my class at the Central School of Music of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Yuri learned and successfully performed Scherzo ¹ 2 and Ballade ¹ 1 by Chopin; after that, these works became the part of the pianist's repertoire for life. However we must recognize that Yuri Bogdanov is a "universal" musician: he plays Bach, Schubert, Scriabin perfectly. The performance of "Carnaval" by Robert Schumann at one of the recent concerts made an unforgettable impression! I am sure that this disc, recorded in the 200th anniversary of the great composer, will leave no one indifferent, that it will find its appreciative audience and expand the circle of admirers of Yuri Bogdanov. Alexander Mndoyants Professor of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Honored Artist of Russia

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