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CR-135. Alexander Strukov. Liszt

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CR-135. Alexander Strukov. Liszt

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Weight: 120 g


The name of Alexander Strukov means a brilliant virtuosity, perfect technique, the sound of the Konstantin Igumnov school - soft, singing, and deep. His performers conceptions are always thought over, and the musical forms are well-balanced. His bright temperament is controlled by a powerful intellect; he's got a great erudition.
This is what has always enraptured me in Alexander Strukov's performances. I remember him as a young man who had just entered the Moscow Conservatory (in 1983) before that, he studied with Evgeni Timakin, a pupil of Konstantin Igumnov, an outstanding musician and the Central Music School professor. He also studied with the wonderful Lev Vlassenko, the unforgettable musician and my friend; Alexander took his teacher's perfect taste and artistry. This allowed him to repeat Lev Vlassenko's success, winning Ferenc Liszt International piano competition in Budapest (1991).
Alexander gives lots of concerts in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Japan and other countries. He had played with many eminent conductors, among them - Vladimir Ziva, Veronika Dudarova, Pavel Yadykh, Andras Ligeti, Roland Bader, Gianmario Cavallaro, Mikhail Pletnev and others.
He gives a lot of master classes in Russia and abroad.
Alexander Strukov is also a fine composer. He is the author of two piano concertos, piano quintet, other chamber and piano works. In 2006 he won the Moscow Conservatory competition for the best cadenza to a Mozart concerto. One of his cadenzas - to the third movement of the Piano concerto no. 21 - I have recorded on a CD; I am also going to perform his cadenzas to the Sixth Concerto.
Professor Vlassenko invited the young laureate to become his assistant at the Moscow Conservatory. Since 2004, he works as my assistant. At present, he has got his own class and a rank of an assistant professor.
I greatly appreciate his skills as a pianist and pedagogue; the students admire him, he plays wonderfully, and I am proud that he became a member of our "Konstantin Igumnov" department.

Professor Mikhail Voskresensky

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