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CR-113. From XX to XXI. Valeri Tarakanov. Music for violin

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CR-113. From XX to XXI. Valeri Tarakanov. Music for violin

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Valery Tarakanov was born in 1934. Both his parents were scientists specializing in medicine; they were great music-lovers and it was a family tradition to play classical music at home. Valery Tarakanov graduated from school with a Gold medal. Later, he studied at the Moscow State University Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty (graduated with distinction in 1956). He followed the postgraduate course at the Mathematics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1961, Valery Tarakanov works in the same Institute; at present, he is one of the leading scientists at the Institute, doctor of mathematics, the author of several monographs and more than 150 scientific works.
Mr. Tarakanov's musical talent led him to the Vladimir Stassov music School where he studied as a violinist and later to the Ippolitov-Ivanov Musical College. Later on, he improved his skills, taking lessons from many prominent piano and music theory professors. He was especially interested in composition and studied with famous composers Andrei Volkonsky, Eduard Khagagortyan and Edisson Denissov. His brother, Mikhail Tarakanov, an eminent musicologist, also had important impact on his creative life. Among those who played significant part in Valery Tarakanov's musical development was, surprisingly, his mathematics professor Igor Schafarevich, an outstanding scientist, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The composer himself thinks that he awes to academic Schafarevich his ability to feel the logic of musical form, construct and organize the music (an absolutely necessary part of composing, which does not affect the emotional side).
The name of Valery Tarakanov is well known in the musical world. His compositions – the opera "Antony and Cleopatra", Vespers, Liturgy, violin and cello concertos, vocal cycles, romances and works for choir - are performed in the important concert halls of Moscow and other Russian cities. Many popular radio stations – "Orpheus", "Radio of Russia" and others, include them in their programs. Among the performers – most eminent Russian musicians, orchestras, choirs: the choir of the Academy of the Choir art, "The Seasons" Chamber orchestra, the soloists of the famous "Moscow trio" – Alexander Bonduriansky, Vladimir Ivanov and Mikhail Utkin, Mikhail Tolpygo and many others. Since 1995 Valery Tarakanov is a member of the Composer's Union of Russia; he participates in its musical and social activities.

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